Medical Kits

Don’t let your patients down. With a custom medical kit, you will be able to provide the answers and following treatment with the proper care and efficiency any medical professional should be able to provide for their patients. Strategic Lab Partners will develop a secure custom medical kit for all of your DNA and genetic testing needs.

Medical Kit Fulfillment

Providing a safe and secure medical kit is vitally important for most patients. Your patients are trusting that the medical kit you have developed will be handled safely and with their privacy as top priority. You are also being trusted that the kit and tests within are providing answers efficiently, so that patients are able to move forward with treatments or lifestyle changes if suggested.

In the medical industry, there is no room for error. Your custom medical kit must provide secure and quick results with complete accuracy. No one has time to retake medical tests or deal with the mental strain of incorrect information and answers. For that reason, Strategic Lab Partners ensures accuracy is of top priority for medical kit preparation and handling.

Strategic lab partners dna kits

Why Customize Your DNA Kit?

In such a competitive industry, you must set your company apart. You will find many copycats in the medical industry, so it is important to ensure patients that your test is not only the most accurate and efficient, but that it is simply the best of its kind. Your custom DNA kit should be as unique as DNA truly is! 

Strategic Lab Partners understands every step of the medical kitting process. From simple requests to large custom orders, you will find the process to be very simple with led by the custom DNA kits professionals.