Anti Aging and Ayurveda

In the western world, anti-ageing or staying forever young might be treated as a mythical or absurd concept. But there are ways in Ayurveda and belief systems which state that it is indeed possible. The phrase “Vaya Sthapan” specifically means the process of stopping the process of ageing. It has been said that to keep the body young and forever in the process of renewal, it is essential to keep the mind healthy, inspired, young and in proper balance. Ayurveda treats Rasayanas or substances little differently than the general food supplements and begins the path towards behavioural Rasayanas.

Ayurvedic principles state that the ageing of one’s body starts in the mind. Transformation and digestive processes must run in the proper way to produce Ojas which is the product of metabolism to keep us healthy and young. All of these act as chain reactions beginning from keeping the mind, emotions and behaviour as three balanced things. These behavioral rasayanas are even mentioned in ancient scriptures. Unconditional, peaceful, positive thoughts must be given an upper hand. It is said that fear, violence, negative feelings, greed, improper words, aggression as well as ignorance should be avoided.

Ojas indicates the health of a being and helps to maintain the intelligence of the body by making each cell remember how healthy it is and bring it back to the proper functioning state.  Everything depends on balance in Ayurveda. When the three doshas come together and find equilibrium, the body’s intelligence comes to terms with the intelligence of the Cosmos. When this equilibrium is attained, it automatically slows down and prevents the aging process. It is said that the primary source of metabolism and digestion in the body is the order that is present in nature. Once metabolism and digestion find the state of equilibrium, Ayus, Varna and Bala are supported. In order to do that, the digestive fire of the body or Agni must be maintained and protected.

To keep the body young and agile, the strength of the coordination of mind and body must be highly increased by using meditation, yoga and taking long walks. They go a long way in protecting from the major problem, which is, stress. The body needs rest which is covered with activities which are useful and a few such activities could be gardening, swimming and workout. The common thread in these exercises is that they bring light and air in contact with our skin which happens to be the largest organ of the body in contact with nature.  A daily oil massage in the morning. Abhyanga is another great thing that should be done, as the skin Mirrors the soul of the body. It is believed that expression of our feelings through the skin are a major factor when it comes to prevent aging.