Benefits of Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic treatment is very different from Western medicine and hit the underlying problems instead of just exploring and treating a symptom using drugs.  Exploration is done on the root of the disease Instead of just beating around the bush and then any treatment course is sought. Every disease is related to the person’s thoughts, lifestyle and the beliefs which make up the vital energy, and treatment must be followed in course of restoring them to the normal levels.

Lowering of stress and anxiety

Stress is one such problem which happens to be common in all problems related to health.  Treatment of anxiety and depression can be naturally done using Ayurveda because all levels and balancing of the body which in turn keeps the energies in control.

Lowering of Blood pressure and anxiety

A disease called Atherosclerosis is a problem with healthy adults develop a risk for heart disease.  This happens due to a build-up of plaque and thickening of artery walls and Ayurveda goes to extents to reduce such problems. Cholesterol gets reduced naturally and so does blood pressure.

Recovery from injury and illness

The concept of immune Modulation and healing is the basis for ayurvedic treatment.  In order to recover from illnesses and injuries, Ayurveda tries to hit the target of inflammation reduction which is the underlying cause for most problems.  Once the swelling is reduced, blood flow improves and pain reduces as well.

Nutrient and antioxidant rich diet

A plant based diet which is filled with foods that have nutritious value on the higher side are prescribed by Ayurveda practitioners.  The diet always depends on the type of needs a certain body has and varies according to that.  Fresh herbs, spices, vegetables, healthy fats and high oxidant foods are the common thread.

Weight loss

While reducing weight, it far is the goal to seek and healthy weight loss should be sought after.  Excess weight can be shed naturally by means of a healthy diet and reducing stress in combination with essential oils which Ayurveda uses.  The diet is tweaked such that that reduces and goes to the normal and healthy limit.

Inflammation reduction

There is a belief lying in ayurvedic tradition which says that a poor diet, bad digestion and insufficient sleep mixed with inhalation of lesser quantities of air can cause stress which leads to inflammation. A gentle exercise which boosts metabolism and circulation by quenching the free radicals of the body are effectively done by means of Ayurveda.

Hormonal Imbalance can be controlled

A way to balance the hormonal issues can be through Ayurveda. There have been various studies and history tells us that for thousands of years, natural pregnancy and menstrual cycle problems have been helped by means of Ayurveda.  Even fertility problems in women and men have been effectively treated by Ayurveda. Essential oils, herbal treatments and Lifestyle changes are the tools used.